Great Oriental Food 
      - Canned Wild Bamboo 
        Shoot in Water
     - Canned Baby Corn in 
     - Canned Pineapple in Light 
     - Canned Sweet Kernel Corn
     - Canned Cream Style Corn
     - Canned Bean Sprout in 
     - Canned Mixed Vegetables 
      in Brine
     - Canned Lychee in Heavy
     - Canned Longan in Heavy 
     - Canned Rambutan in 
     - Canned Papaya in Light 
     - Canned Tropical Fruit 
     - Canned Water Chestnut in 
     - Canned Dark Red Kidney 
       Beans in Brine
     - Canned Tomato in 
       Tomato Juice
     - Canned mango slice in 
       light syrup
     - Retort Pouch
     - Glass Jar Products
     - Dehydrated Fruits 
       Great Oriental Textile 


Dehydration is one of oldest methods of food preservation. Dehydration preserves the fruit by minimizing the water content at levels lower than regular dried fruit. Although food preservation is a primary objective of dehydration, dehydration of vegetables and fruits also lowers cost of packaging and transportation.


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